OK, so here’s the scoop. I have come to understand that there are SOME people who don’t like Physics. I’ve also heard that some even hate it with a BLIND RAGE. How is this possible? Physics is the most fun, most useful, most needed tool for any technical field. Why so much despair?

I claim it’s how you have been taught in the past (I’ve been there)! Unclear explanations, unexplained terminology, and no real-world “hook” that can help you grab a foothold. I get it. I claim that anyone who doesn’t like Physics just hasn’t met the right teacher. That’s my job; I can help you.

We will explore Physics in approachable ways. This is the key to learning — clear, understandable explanations in small chunks, with practical, worked-out examples, and some math along the way to provide signposts and handrails.

I’ve taught Physics for many years, and I can help to understand the material and be successful in teaching it to your homeschooler.

What you will find here:

  • A series of chapters explaining the material, with worked-out examples
  • Homework problems (with answers!) for you to try
  • Lab experiments that you can do at home, with written and video instructions
  • Other material as requested by members!

I am Monte “Doc” Bateman, and have taught Physics for years, at levels ranging from high school through graduate school. I am also a homeschooling father with two sons who were homeschooled.

Originally from Oklahoma, I attended the University of Oklahoma where I earned my Ph.D. in Physics. Being from Oklahoma, I did my graduate research in severe storms studies, mainly thunderstorms and lightning. I currently work at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where I’m part of the lightning research group.

I have enjoyed teaching many subjects, and I have always received outstanding teaching reviews — I have a talent for explaining complicated subjects in a very understandable way.

I want to help as many people as I can to learn and understand Physics. Let me help you!